Tempered Toughened Safety Glass

Tempershield® is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass and is ideal for structural glazing. Manufactured on a horizontal roller hearth furnace, this product is heated to approximately 680° C then rapidly and uniformly cooled - ensuring high compressive stresses at the surface with balancing tensile stresses in the centre. Available in clear, tinted or reflective colours, it is manufactured in various thicknesses, as per the specification page.
The conversion of Float Glass to Toughened Glass increases the strength of the glass by up to five times when compared to ordinary glass. It also turns it into a Safety Glass as, when broken, it disintegrates into small, blunt pieces, thus minimizing the risk of lacerations and other injuries. Tempershield® conforms to local and international safety standards:

•  SABS 1263 Part 1
•  ANSI Z97 (American)
•  BS 6206 (British)
•  AS 2208 (Australian)


Due to the unique qualities of toughened safety glass, it may be used in applications where float or laminated glass cannot be used i.e. -

•  Suspended assemblies
•  Unframed entrance doors
•  Unframed balustrades
•  Frameless shower doors
•  Applications where thermal breakage from solar radiation is a major concer