Reflective Glass

Monolithic reflective glass is extremely versatile and can be incorporated into all areas of processed products.

It is used highly successfully, for example, in a float form for those applications where solar control is a requirement, but safety glazing is not necessary.

It can also be supplied as a Tempershields® toughened safety glass or PVB laminated safety glass, depending on the degree of performance required.

As a result, these monolithic products are extremely popular in Sealed Insulated Glass Units
(SIGUs) where the toughened outer Iayer provides a guarantee against thermal stress.


Stopsol - grey, bronze, blue, green
Sunguard - clear, green and silver
Sunergy - clear, green and azure


•  In single glazing
•  In double-glazing, combined with a clear-float or low-emissivity for high performance
•  In laminated glass
•  It can be toughened or curved